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Savory Girl

Charcuterie Boards

Charcuterie Boards

Pricing my vary based on your event and any specific requests you may have for your order. All of our charcuterie boards come on disposable and environment-friendly palm leaf plates. Quality non-disposable boards are available for customer use upon request.

Medium Board:
10” x 10" Feeds up to 4 People
Large Board: 17” X 12” - Feeds 8-10 People
XL Board: 22” X12” - Feeds 14 - 16 People
Mini/Date Night Board: 8"x8" Feeds up to 2 People
Brunch Boards: 22"x12" Feeds 12 or more People
Individual Cups: Minimum order of 12
14 inch round board: Feeds 8-10 People

Our Charcuterie Boards feature an exquisite assortment of cured meats, including savory prosciutto, spicy salami, and flavorful chorizo, sourced from the finest producers around the world. Complementing these meats are a variety of hand-selected cheeses, ranging from creamy brie and tangy blue cheese to sharp cheddar and nutty Gouda, each offering a unique flavor profile that adds depth and complexity to the board.

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